Hearthstone Screenshot 09-04-15 18.42.36

Lucky Card Draws in Tavern Brawl

I am really liking the Tavern Brawl, because as someone whose decks aren’t the best, aren’t stuffed with Legendaries, it’s a nice way of evening it out every once in a little while. Though I do feel a little sorry for this guy – it was the mana-rich brawl, where mana went 1-3-5 and everyone’s deck was super-top heavy. I¬†was playing a Priest, a deck I don’t know too well. I do know, though, that four Mind Controls is going to make things go probably in my favour (thanks Thoughtsteal…).

 Hearthstone Screenshot 09-04-15 18.42.36

I won, thankfully. He played Ragnaros the Firelord, I nicked him, he nicked him back … and I nicked him again. Soz.

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