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The Fight Against Mechazod

I love the Tavern Brawl games, because it gives the non-hardcore gamers like myself a real chance and challenge. And with the Mechazod brawl, it’s reached a new level, the best so far. It’s just been really interesting seeing how people have been trying to win! I’ve managed it four [edit: 5] times, thanks to some great partners:

4 wins against Mechazod
4 wins against Mechazod

I’ve also seen people reading how there should be VoIP on this so you can communicate better, but I like the slightly truculent sounding ‘Not quite what was planned’, or the more straightforward ‘that was a mistake’. And the biggest mistake? Attacking Mechazod with low attack cards, and clearing your own board down. Beating Mechazod is actually relatively easy if you stuff the board, especially with reaction cards like Troggs or Lightwardens. The lowly Silver Hand Recruits play a vital role – by splitting Mechazods fire from his random 3 attacks, they allow other cards to flourish. You just need to trust in the depth of your pack, and the buffer of your heroes’ health, and let the forces build. The victory comes from the Blessing of Kings, the double of attack and the 20/30 single attacks, not the picking off of one point of health.

Here’s almost the perfect game, thanks to DrStrangeluv!

Good hand to start, some low cost cards to get me started and the Light of the Name, to get the Lightwarden, will be very useful. Plus Millhouse of course.

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Use the coin to get some minions down early – mana isn’t an issue.

Hearthstone Screenshot 11-08-15 18.05.44

Building up the field.

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In the early stages, a low attack double zap is the best result, as it keeps your minion field intact, and you can recover that health well enough.

Hearthstone Screenshot 11-08-15 18.06.45

Field filling up now, note the Silver Hand Recruit as cannon fodder.

Hearthstone Screenshot 11-08-15 18.07.10

You can use Divine Shield units to chip away, but even that isn’t necessary.

Hearthstone Screenshot 11-08-15 18.07.50

The Loremaster is great, not just for his impact on spells, but also he’s a low cost way to distract Mechazod for a turn, this attack is Mechazod’s least effective.

Hearthstone Screenshot 11-08-15 18.09.00

The battlefield is really filling up, the whelps of Leeroy Jenkins making great fodder for Mechazod’s three person random attack.

Hearthstone Screenshot 11-08-15 18.11.01

The minions in the field don’t look dangerous, but they give the space for the bigger ones to come to have time to do their damage – note my Troggzor the Earthinator waiting in the wings…

Hearthstone Screenshot 11-08-15 18.11.27

Mechazod is winding up, but already it’s looking too late for him.

Hearthstone Screenshot 11-08-15 18.11.34

The Bomb Salvo took out … a Whelp, a Silver Hand recruit and a Lightwell. Perfect.

Hearthstone Screenshot 11-08-15 18.13.47

Troggzor now into the battle – we have seven minions on the field and maximum health each, and Mechazod is already down to 37 health. It’s almost too easy!

Hearthstone Screenshot 11-08-15 18.14.50

Mechazod’s assassination can be annoying if you have built up a single character, especially if they’re behind a Divine Shield, but actually it is a weak play because it doesn’t give any leverage or scale, if you’ve packed the rest of the board with cards that have special reactions.

Hearthstone Screenshot 11-08-15 18.15.10

Now the spells start rolling in, and Troggs are appearing like nobody’s business.

Hearthstone Screenshot 11-08-15 18.15.34

The one thing to be careful of with the ‘full board’ plan, is that if Mechazod can’t fit into your side of the board, then he destroys ALL minions on that side of the board. So if you’re multiplying Troggs at a rate of knots, make sure you leave some space!

Hearthstone Screenshot 11-08-15 18.16.38

Two Double Zaps in a row had us right down to the minimum health, but my esteemed partner had so much healing in his hand, it was just a temporary blip, and Mechazod had nothing left in the tank.

Hearthstone Screenshot 11-08-15 18.17.01

Victory is assured, with comfortable cards in the field, and a very respectable combined tally of 34 health remaining between us. I reckon we could have taken him a second time around… 🙂

Hearthstone Screenshot 11-08-15 18.17.28

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